The New Hand Stars


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My Hand Stars have now been updated. Now they not only have particles, but an actual, spinning and flickering star inside a halo of light.

All my improved hand stars can be found from this page:


Unisex, wearable by both males and females.


IMVU: Pay Less, Find What You Want


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Sometimes in IMVU you may come across a ZCD (Zero Change Derive), in which the creator has increased the price but has not changed anything in the derived product. This tutorial video shows how to avoid the trap — and maybe even find your favorite virtual product in the process.

In YouTube

In Dailymotion

The New “Arien/Arnin” Series Will Have A New Name


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As you may have discovered, my project of creating realistic human physique in IMVU has been titled as Arnin for males, and Arien for females in the past. But as of late the products on my hard drive have had some major improvements, and so I thought that instead of calling the old “A/A” products as “Beta”, new names would be in place.

And thus…

New male series is called as Leedan.

New female series is now called as Leeana.

Facebook Created


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I’m just letting you know that I have created my Facebook, and like my WordPress forwards my posts to Google+ and Tumblr, now it also forwards them to Facebook, so my public stream can also be followed there.

If you are reading this at Facebook, then you may see it as the first post, but my previous posts and updates on virtual 3D products and projects can be seen in whole at WordPress.

HD Pictures, Flag Pole & Realistic Feet


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I have a few new 3D products in IMVU to share with you.

Here are a few swan photos that you can hang on your wall in IMVU.



These picture frames are derived from the HD pictures frames that I made. Make sure to follow the instructions on the pages, if you plan to derive from them.



Here is a derivable pole, for flying your flag in IMVU. It morphs randomly to create a natural wind effect.


Lastly, have you been looking for natural animated feet for a female avatar? I have made a few:



The feet are a part of a true to life avatar series, which will be updated. It will cover the entire body, and also includes realistic heads.